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Barter Post EasyPay Gold – Furniture Store Credit Financing 

Fort Payne – Rainsville AL

EasyPay Gold V.I.P

 Welcome, with over 30,000 fans within Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, our customers love doing business with us. We want you to feel at home and enjoy your experience shopping with us.

  • Good Credit 565 to 850

  • Extra Low Monthly Payments

  • Fast Approval

  • Credit Check

  • Low Down Payment for best rates

  • Average payment $50 per thousand dollars spent



When you apply below, put as little as $5 down or $50 for best rates. We’ll set up delivery up to 150 miles or you pick your items up. 

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Barter Post – EasyPay Finance SALE

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  • If married you have the right to apply for credit separately from or jointly with your spouse. Do not furnish information concerning your spouse unless your spouse will be contractually obliged on this account or you are relying on your spouse’s income as a basis for repayment of the credit requested.
  • Even though the email field is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended that you fill it out. For example, if the status of your loan changes you will be informed with the email address you provided. Please remember to check your junk or spam email folders for our email.
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