Featuring Copper ION Technology New Evolution Hybrid Lumbar Cool Mattress,  The Evolution in Mattress Technology is here! 

    The tides have changed in the mattress industry and competition has been fierce over the years until now. The Evolution is a Hybrid, it’s more advanced, when you lay down you feel the romance when your body adapts to the most luxurious feel on the market. Our quilted Hybrid NXT begins with Ultra- Premium components engineered with advanced ion technologies. We added phase-change (PCM) technology to our luxurious 4-way stretch knit fabric. PCM uses micro capsules that absorb or reflect heat as needed, producing a more constant sleep environment. Our EvoWC5 (Evo Wrapped Coil) is a 5-zoned wrapped coil system with over 1130 (queen) coil sensors. This evolutionary support system responds to each movement providing the ultimate in comfort and support. Ultra-premium latex and memory foams are infused with Copper Ion Technology and engineered to perform perfectly with the EvoWC5 for a cooler, cleaner and healthier night’s sleep.

The next generation in Hybrid technology adds quilting to the top layer for the luxurious comfort you deserve. Copper ion technology offers, circulatory, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

“It Feel So Luxurious” – The Evolution Mattress has 100% Ultra Premium Copper that’s Infused into the Latex. The cover is hand tailored with a very thick quilt. The edge is very strong with the New Power Edge Wrapped Coils for enhanced edge support. The Coils are all Individually Wrapped to reduced motion transfer and reinforcement throughout the lumbar region to offer much more support that helps to enhance chronic pain.

 “The Best Technology” – The Evolution Mattress has “Copper infused” latex for a therapeutic and restorative sleep. Copper woven into fabric for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory benefits. The super thick Phase Change Quilt Cover offers an optimum temperature moderation for each zone.

 “The Best Customer Satisfaction” – The Evolution Mattress has Less than a 1% return rate. The factory gives it a 75-point quality inspection and offers a 100% replacement warranty and a 100% Making It Right Guarantee

Key Features of the ONYX

Plush Quilted Eurotop

Quilt Layer
Luxurious 4-way stretch knit cover with PCM technology
Comfort and Support Layers
1” Ultra-Premium Gel-infused memory foam
3” Ultra-Premium Copper- Infused Latex
Support Core
¾” HD Support Foam
8” EvoWC5 zoned wrapped coil system
1 ½” Support Foam

Key Features of the Twilight

Luxury Firm  Eurotop

Quilt Layer
Luxurious 4-way stretch knit cover with PCM technology
Comfort and Support Layers
1” Ultra-Premium Copper Infused HD Latex
2” Premium HD Latex
1” Premium HD extended- life comfort foam
Support Core
¾” HD Support Foam
8” EvoWC5 zoned wrapped coil system
1 ½” Support Foam

Getting to Sleep With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can often have the unfortunate side effect of causing sleep problems, too. Find ways to get better sleep with these insomnia treatments.


If you’re living with chronic pain, sometimes your only respite is when you’re asleep. But people with chronic pain are often so uncomfortable that they develop sleep problems.

This vicious cycle can not only result in overtiredness, but can also cause your chronic pain to be even worse, says Biral Patel, MD, an anesthesiologist and pain managementspecialist with Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. “During the sleep cycle, the body replenishes its energy reserves, trying to heal from things that occur through the course of the day,” Dr. Patel says. “When you’re not able to obtain effective levels of sleep, your pain can be worse.”

Even if you are able to get to sleep, your chronic pain may cause you to wake up tired. This may be because your pain is causing frequent “microarousals” — shifts to lighter, less restful phases of sleep.

Fortunately, there are ways you can sleep better even if you’re living with chronic pain. Reinforcing your chronic pain treatment with insomnia treatments or strategies can ease both problems.

Try these steps if you’re tossing and turning at night:

  • Get your pain under control. When your pain is controlled or subdued, your chances of getting restful sleep are improved. Most patients who find effective chronic pain treatment usually find that it helps their sleep patterns too, Patel says. Your chronic pain treatments will depend on what is causing the pain in the first place. Medications, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, and even surgery are all used to help treat various forms of chronic pain. For more information, consult your doctor or a physician who specializes in chronic pain. Then you may want to try some of the following insomnia treatments in conjunction with your pain therapy.
  • Consider sleep aids. If you’re having trouble sleeping, your doctor may recommend a prescription insomnia medicine that works by slowing activity in the brain and causing sleepiness. Antidepressants like trazodone are also often used to treat insomnia. Most sleep aids, however, are only intended for short-term use, so don’t plan on using them for more than a few weeks at a time.
  • Cut the caffeine. Found in coffee, tea, and some sodas, caffeine is a stimulant that can block sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain, keeping you feeling alert when that’s the last thing you want. To minimize caffeine’s negative effects on your sleep, stop consuming caffeinated drinks by afternoon or earlier; this will allow time for their effects to wear off.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene means healthy habits that can help minimize sleep problems. One good sleep habit to develop is to avoid napping during the day. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day can help, too. You may also find it helpful to develop a sleep ritual, like taking a warm bath, eating a light snack, or reading for a short time just before bedtime.
  • Exercise regularly. It may sound counterintuitive, but exercising four to eight hours before bedtime has been shown to help improve sleep quality for people with insomnia. Physical activity may help reduce anxiety, which can be a factor in sleeplessness. Some forms of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, can be lessened with regular exercise. However, be sure to allow plenty of time between your workout session and your bedtime, since exercising too late in the day can keep you awake.
  • Check your medications. Some prescription medications can actually contribute to insomnia. Cortisone, a steroid hormone used for inflammation, is a drug that can keep you awake. Some thyroid medications, over-the-counter cough and cold medications, and levodopa (a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease) can also cause insomnia. If you believe your medications may be interfering with your sleep, talk to your doctor about alternative therapies.

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Over the years we have hand picked mattresses that hold up better, last’s longer, feels better, sleeps better, so we have some that serve a basic need at the right price.

Our middle of the row mattresses come with a 10 year warranty and offer a good feeling mattress and a price that won’t break the bank.

When you say “I want the best” that’s we’re we hand pick mattresses that have top name brand products inside them, they must meet our specific guidelines, foams no matter extra firm or super plush are roller stressed, that means you won’t roll into the middle because the foam doesn’t break down and will not sag in the middle or it it replaced, the mattress must off er the best comfort you can find anywhere in the world, the coils must be the strongest money can buy and come with a 20 year warranty. So when you expect the best, you get the best mattress you can find anywhere.

Chronic Pain, As our bodies begin to break down over the years, we had to offer a better solution to our friends with trouble sleeping due to chronic conditions like, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, lumbar, legs and hips, hot flashes, inflammation, surgery and recovery. So we have the shoulder areas softened to help with numbness, We added more foams in the lumbar region to help take pressure away from the lumbar region. Our selection of hybrid mattresses and memory foam will offer the best relief so your body will rest and relax and to allow the healing process to begin. Ask Mr. Jimmy to evaluate and fix you up with the right mattress at Wholesale Cost Plus 10% We don’t have very many warranty issues because we have eliminated those problems over the years. LumbarCoolMattress.com

A BED TIME STORY by Warren Shoulberg

I wanted to share this post because as a small business owner, our company too gets lost in all the paper ads the big stores slam out there to make it seem as though your getting the best deal, but the truth in the story is that we as a small business have to compete with the big stores so to get the edge we hand select a better quality product, a lower profit margin and stand tall when it comes to service. We love what we do and the friends we meet is the reason we have almost 40,000 fans on Facebook within 150 miles. Thank you, enjoy the story!

    It was a holiday weekend and just like clockwork, it arrived in my mailbox: The latest circular from Macy’s, advertising a mattress sale. Didn’t matter if it was Columbus Day, Labor Day or St. Swithen’s Day, there was a mattress sale going on at the big store.

Has there been a national, religious or cultural holiday in the last 50 years in which there was not a mattress sale? And was that Princess with the pea the last person on earth to actually pay full price for a mattress?

There really is no consumer product quite like a mattress. We spend a third of our life – give or take a few late-night indulgences – on a mattress, yet we know very little about what’s actually in the darn thing. It’s one of the more expensive purchases we make, yet most of us don’t have a clue about how to buy one, much less where to go to do so.

And with good reason: We don’t get a lot of practice. We get a new car every three to five years. Many of us, at least until recently, moved and bought a new house every decade or so. Even a washing machine only lasts nine or ten years at best.

But mattress life spans go on and on and on. Some people can put 20 years on a mattress. Some parents recycle the twin mattress they used as a kid for their kids. Some go from adolescence to Alzheimer’s on the same mattress. It takes a very long time for a mattress to wear out.

But when it does, consumers beware. It’s a retailers’ dream come true. As Sy Syms’ evil twin brother said, “An uneducated consumer is our best customer.”

It’s not that retailers are doing anything bad. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Consider the mattress: Other than consumer electronics products, it’s the only product out there that’s a total unknown, a sealed bag. You have no idea what’s in there. At least with a DVD player, there are some tech specs you can use to judge products. Mattresses? Coil density just doesn’t cut it. The nomenclature of mattresses seems to have been created by a committee composed of Rube Goldberg, Professor Irwin Corey and every member of the United States Congress.

Look at the sizes: Twin, full, queen and king (not to mention California King, as if that state houses a colony of mutant giants). Talk about your mixed metaphors. Twin of who? Full of what? Who you calling a queen?

Look at the labels: In what lexicon is “firm” the softest level of product? Is super firm more firm or less firm than extra firm? And then there’s the whole buying experience. When you go to buy a shirt, you can try it on. Towels? You can rub it across your cheek. You can compare the pictures of flat-panel TVs, even if most stores seem to be tuning the pictures to suit their sales quotas.

But a mattress? You awkwardly lie down on it for a 30 or 40 seconds. Maybe you get your significant other to do the same on the other side. But you’re really not comfortable getting into the fetal position and dozing off. You can’t prop yourself up and eat take-out Chinese food. There’s no TV at the foot of the bed to watch.

And as for that other popular bedtime activity, there’s no way you’re going to get the store to turn down the lights and crank up the Barry White so you can assume the position.

All of which gives most retailers the upper end in this particular buying equation, a position they are increasingly unaccustomed to.

Most people buy a mattress in one of three places: A mattress specialty chain, like Mattress Firm or Sleepy’s; a furniture store, like Raymour & Flanigan or Rooms To Go; or a department store.

The warehouse clubs do sell mattresses, but not in the same numbers they move other products. The internet has not really been a factor in mattress sales, the consumer wanting even those 40 seconds of hands-on product interaction to make their purchasing decision.

It’s not a product category the discount stores excel in either. It’s big, bulky and has to be delivered, all things mass retailers hate. Some, like Walmart, have tried to sell mattresses over the years with varying degrees of failure.

Department stores also hate big, bulky products that have to be delivered but for some reason they continue to be very successful in the mattress business.

Which is why the current TV ad campaign Macy’s is running for mattresses is so fascinating. After the usual adspeak about the prices, the selection, the prices, the free frame, the prices, the free takeaway-your-corroded-old-mattress spiel, the prices, the free toaster oven and, oh, did we mention, the prices, the pretty Macy’s lady goes in for the kill:
“Macy’s: The store you can trust.”

Wow, did she really actually say that? The store you can trust? Wow.
The implication is subtle, but brilliant.

But wait, Macy’s says you can trust them. Can you trust them telling you that you can trust them? Like any good ad campaign, if you say it often enough, slow enough and loud enough, people will believe anything you say.

It does seem to be working. Solid numbers are hard to come by, but Macy’s probably sells more than a half a billion dollars worth of mattresses every year. Not bad for something you can’t giftwrap.

Curiously, the Macy’s campaign goes back to the very roots of the modern American department store. When John Wanamaker and his cohorts first created the original department stores, a big part of the merchandising and marketing strategy was that you could be guaranteed you would pay the same price everyone else did. No haggling, no double-dealing, no bastards.

Could a store like Macy’s call upon those roots and embrace this whole trust thing throughout the store? Could this be the true savior for the great American department store and make Terry Lundgren the ultimate poster boy for retailing?
Can a shopper really trust a retailer?

Let me sleep on it and get back to you.

Warren Shoulberg is editorial director for several Sandow Media home furnishings business publications and working on his next book, Stupid Business. He bought a new mattress a few years ago…at Macy’s of all places…but he’s still not sure he trusts them.

Luxury Hybrid

What is a Hybrid Mattress @ Barter Post - Lumbar Cool Mattress Store - Fort Payne - Rainsville AL

Designed for those seeking ultimate comfort and support, our Luxury Hybrid mattresses blend two outstanding technologies into one remarkable mattress.

Quantum Edge™ Technology provides support and motion separation unmatched by any other sleep system on the market. Combined with our innovative high performance foams, this mattress line breaks the boundaries of traditional comfort.


Lumbar Cool Hybrid coil mattresses combine an innerspring system with memory foam to deliver the benefits of both technologies. Hybrids allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.

A Hybrid coil system enables the mattress to retain the bounciness that sleepers enjoy on innerspring mattresses, and the layers of memory foam create that unmistakable enveloping embrace.

The right mattress at the right price. Hybrid mattresses are often less expensive than memory foam mattresses, and they perform better than budget memory foam mattresses.

So when it comes down to it, a “Hybrid” Mattress is for anyone looking for the new advancements in a luxury mattress. Shop for the “Biggest Friends Discount” at Barter Post – Lumbar Cool Mattress Store – Fort Payne – Rainsville AL ,

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